Hello! Thank you for visiting my first ever blog!

Hello! Thank you for visiting my first ever blog!

I have so much I’d love to share about my makeup journey, but to avoid all waffle, I’ll keep it all short & sweet, and let the photos do all the talking.

Basically, my true passion is to make people look and feel the very best version of themselves, using makeup application and advice, nutrition advice, fitness motivation & spreading positivity. After all happiness comes from within, but, I’ll come back to this later!

For now, let’s rewind and start at the beginning to where it all began… I started my beauty therapy training in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and then progressed to do my makeup training at Jemma Kidd Makeup Academy in London, and now I live in Ambrosden, Oxfordshire.

My first ever makeup brushes were like these ones

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